Monday, July 7, 2008

Odds & Ends

Happy Monday, everyone!

Just some quick stuff as I don't have any new pics to post yet.

I met an adult transracial adoptee online and, through a series of online discussions, she has decided to create a blog for APs and PAPs. Despite seeming to love her adoptive family, she is very open about the pain concerning her adoption. I think it is great that she is moving forward to host a blog where APs/PAPs can ask questions about everything from cultural topics to emotional ones. As soon as she is up and running, I'll post her new site.

An issue that my conversations with her have stirred up in my mind is one of corruption in international adoption. I'm NOT saying that all international adoption is corrupt!!! But I think it is something that APs and PAPs should be better informed about. If anyone has thoughts about or experience with this, please share a comment.

ATOPIC DERMATITIS - we've started using Eucerin's new anti-itch lotion, but we won't really know if it works until M can talk! It is definitely more user-friendly than the sticky, greasy Aquaphor. The prescription hydrocortisone seems to be the only remedy for "healing" the bad spots...but, obviously, you can only use steroids in limited amounts.

SCOTT - since I don't post much about Scott, here are some of his latest thoughts:

I was telling S about two cruiser bikes that could be used for free. He listened with interest and then stated to M "Bubs, you better learn to run real fast so you can keep up with mom and dad."

S said something funny the other day and I asked him "Are you trying to bring 'sexy back'?" (AKA Justin Timberlake) He replied, "No, sexy LUMBAR...back is too general for me."


Andrea said...

Love the blog idea. It will be a great resource. Mary's AD is just like Matthews. Someone told us that the sun helps it, BUT you can't put Sunscreen on her because it irritates her going in the sun(in Mississippi)without that's out.
Stacy ordered her some RX moisturizer that a Pharm told him about. It is working well, along with the OTC hydro. ointment( not cream). I will send you the name of the Rx gel. Love the Scott do realize he is insane, don't you? :)


dan and rachel said...

we have had great success with our kids' eczema using Vanicream. i put it on them twice a day and it has helped heal some pretty severe eczema. Vanicream also makes a sunscreen which is great for sensitive skin. we love it! it's not available everywhere but you can easily find it online.

Tiffany and Gabriel said...

Can't wait to see the new site. I think with all the posting and commenting going on, it will be nice to have a space where hopefully everyone respects everyone else and the goal is to learn.

ps Scott is hilarious! Matthew is going to have such a witty sense of humor with you guys leading the way!

Kerry said...

I hope our kiddos outgrow this AD/eczema/sensitive skin in a couple of years! Its a trial and error process to figure it all out.

You need to post more about Scott. He is a crack up! What a great sense of humor. Also, thanks for the info on the upcoming website. I will check it out when its up and running.

kari said...

we need to all hang out more, Scott is a hoot!

Qiuqiu's parents said...

Tish, if you want any pictures I would be happy to give them to you! Just let me know and I'll send them.