Monday, July 28, 2008

Matthew at 18 months

Ooops.... a little late on this post!

If I could pick one word to summarize the past month it would be "NO." Well, actually not the spoken word but a very vigorous head shaking that goes on all day, every day. M knew the difference between yes and no previously but couldn't express it physically, so he has taken great delight in exerting his independence and his desires. And his desire is NO...even when it is really yes! I think this is pretty much true of all toddlers, but it is funny nonetheless.

Last night I told him to pretend that I was the baby and he the he started feeding me his play food. When he offered the last piece, I started shaking my head NO. He looked surprised and then proceeded to nod YES very vigorously!

Matthew continues to develop are just a few examples:
- He tried to step over a cord a couple of times and rather than asking for help over it, he lifted the cord and went underneath.

- He saw a photo of a baby with sores on his body, I said "Yes, he has owies" and M immediately went and found his doctor's kit and then gave the baby a shot.

- He kept pulling at his shirt the other day while eating lunch at the food court and, when I asked him about it, he started pointing to his tray. I then realized he was showing me that his shirt and the tray were both red.

- M is not super social, so he surprised me the other day at the doctor's. He looked into the accounting office and, when the ladies acknowledged him, he went inside and gave some high-fives. I was also happy when I took him to a play area that we have visited several times and he finally went off on his own and played, explored, and had a great time!

I apologize for not posting more photos, but M simply refuses to be photographed. RE.FUS.ES! Here are pics of M and his buddy, the ever-smiling Seth!


Jenna said...

Oh, that "refusing to take a picture phase" is frustrating- especially when you are a mama who loves taking pictures I'd imagine. Too bad too, because that boy is CUTE! Chloe is going through the "NO" thing too- thankfully, at that age, everything is a phase!! :)

kari said...

we loved seeing you both today. seth sat on my lap and we watched the slide show about 4 times. he kept pointing at M and hitting the keyboard- he was excited to see his friend....

i know in the moment you might feel that you'll never get out of certain stages with M, but, really they only do last a short time. he's growing so fast and you really can see that he's processing everything.

we love you guys!!!

Yvonne Crawford said...

oh what a big man now. It's been nice watching him grow up.

I have 2 more CDs to mail you - you will think they are the MOST bizarre ever!!! Cats meowing and high pitched Chinese. They kind of weren't what we were trying to get in the baby store in Taiwan, but they do show the culture and Matthew will get a kick out of them. As soon as I remember I'll mail 'em to you.

Kerry said...

Reading about M always forewarns me of what is to come around my house, although it's usually sooner than I think it will be.

He is obviously a sweet and compassionate boy already. You do such great things with him and I steal lots of your ideas! :) I just wish I was as creative as you are about activities to do.

Rebecca said...

He is so darn cute playing with Seth. :) Grant won't look at the camera either (unless he is mocking the fact that he won't dance for me). Love the cord story... going underneath instead of stepping over!! So cute!!!! And I love it that he gave the ladies high fives. What a cool little dude. You are doing such a good job with him Tish!


Just Us said...

Wow..he really does understand a lot. It is quite amazing to know that their little brains are working even though they can't say it yet. I hear you on the vigorous head shaking No. Yu-Lin does the same thing. I gotta try the feed me one and I shake my head No. Kristie