Thursday, January 17, 2008

We're Back!

1. ACK! Look how close the baby on the ticker is to the caterpillar's nose! I better get some birthday plans goin'!

2. Funny moment - Matthew and I were sitting in the train lounge when a dude came in with a sandwich and bag of chips. As soon as he walked through the door Matthew started smiling and pointing at him. Then the poor guy made the mistake of sitting near us. That's when Matthew broke out his "more" sign and went to town. He just kept staring at the guy and frantically signing for more of his lunch. The guy wasn't too excited about Matthew's attention, so we had to leave the lounge.

3. Feels so good - As wonderful as it is to spend time with my family, after a 22 hour train ride not much feels better than my husband's arms and my own pillow. Matthew was happy to be home and to check out all of his stuff. He got a little wiggy at dinner...probably from being overtired and the excitement of coming home....and he was double fisting the "more" sign for everything on the table. Before I could even get a bite into his mouth he was already signing for more. It was on the verge of nutty. Needless to say, he went to bed early. +++++This morning Matthew woke up, looked around his room, pointed to his toys and started clapping!

4. My family has a dog (who likes to bark) and now when you ask Matthew what we say to the dog, he shakes his head 'NO!" They also have an unsocial cat who stayed in the laundry room the entire time we visited. At one point Matthew and I opened the door to the laundry room only to have the cat hiss at us....and Matthew responded by saying "oh, oh, oh!"

5. Matthew was doing pretty well at walking with his walking toys before we left but, after being carried everywhere on our trip, he isn't interested in walking now at home. Scott said we should tell him that he really needs to "apply himself more"....too funny!

6. OOOOOOPS! I think I left my camera cord at my mom' photos may not be up until I get a new one. BUMMER.

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Rebecca said...

Oh that is SOOO funny about the guy with the sandwich and chips!!! I'm so glad you all are back safely and enjoying home sweet home. :)