Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Quick post

Quick post today...some photos of Matthew (his face looks all wet because I just slathered him with Aquaphor)...and a video for Matthew's cyber-buddy Grant (we wish that Grant and his mama could come play in the dirt with us!!)


Sherry said...

Whatcha you build-in out there? Looks like an Olympic size pool or something:) LOL! Hope you all had a great Christmas & New Years... what am I saying? I'll just read your blog. LOL!

Rebecca said...

Tish, I wish I could have caught Grant's reaction on camera when I showed him that video!! He was so dramatic... he GASPED and squealed, "TRUCK!!!! TRUCK!!!!" And then waved his hands excitedly the whole time going "VROOM!! VROOM!!!!" After the video was over, he stared at the screen for awhile, then put his hand up with a sad face and said, "VROOM! GONE!!!" Hahaha!! Anyway, thanks for all the excitement today - Grant has now watched the video a total of 8 times and probably has it memorized. :) Hey, is that new house next door going to block your view of the mountains??

Those pics of Matthew are CUTE!!

Hugs to you guys!

jen said...

Tish, did Matthew have a new haircut? He looks so cute, as usual. If you cut his hair, tell me how you did it. Everytime we do with Andy, it turns out disastrous. In fact, the two haircuts were the only arguments Mark and I have had since we got Andy! =)