Monday, January 28, 2008

New post & photos

New posts & photos -- Birthday Party & More Party Photos -- at Matthew's site

This photo didn't quite make the cut for Matthew's site, but Smooch and I think it is so funny that I had to post it. When I opened a bag to look at the toys inside, Matthew hunched down so that he could see too...and Smooch caught it in this photo. Besides Matthew's posture and expression being funny, this picture shows that his negligent mama needs to buy the poor child some new clothes (notice the too-short sleeves and peek-a-boo belly!). Either he is growing too fast or my laundry skills need improving.

Perhaps being 1 makes the learning speed up even more because just since his birthday Matthew has started standing on his own more, holding his phone up to his ear (something he was not even interested in before), etc. Even his receptive language, while previously awesome, seems to have exploded as he responds to commands and questions. Last night he was feeding his plastic chicken with his spoon! Very cute!

On a SAD, SAD, SAD note, Smooch left this morning. We were totally bummed that we could not bribe her to blow off her last semester of college and her full-time job to stay here and play with us every day. You can read this with the gushing of a big sister: It was sooooo wonderful to have Stefanie here! Even little Mr. Unsociable absolutely adored Smooch. She was the biggest help...especially when Scott woke up very sick on Matthew's birthday. But besides her assistance with absolutely everything, it was just great fun to stay up late giggling every night!


Yvonne Crawford said...

I'm sorry Smooch left. Sounds like you had a good time with her!

Matthew is as cute as ever. Such a sweetie.


p.s. yes my nanny can come and fix your hair. LOL.

stefanie said...

:) Im finally home. after 13 hours of traveling (what was only supposed to be 8). But i had lots of fun being there! I am going to start my ticket search for spring break so i can come again. But i'll see you sooooon. i love you guys!

Rebecca said...

That pic is great!! You should have seen Grant walking around yesterday in his shirt-too-short and pants-too-low. His little belly was just hanging out and I thought to myself... ok, that big shopping spree at Old Navy in the fall is not going to even cover us for more than THREE MONTHS!!?? And we bought big!! Oh well.

Matthew sounds like he is doing great! Only a matter of time before he is feeding HIMSELF with his spoon... Grant just started using a fork and it's so cute (albeit a little messy!!) :)

Sorry to hear Aunt Smooch has left. :( I bet Matthew is bummed - it sounded like you guys had so much fun. Is Scott feeling better? We've been dealing with nonstop illnesses in my household. As soon as 1 person gets better... another gets sick. Sigh.


stefanie said...

high today 58
low today -8
that's a 60 degree difference.
i HATE illinois weather.
its so bipolar.

i just thought i would say