Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Before and After

August 2007

January 2008
Some days Matthew still looks like a baby to me, but the times are getting more frequent when he looks toddler-ish. I am excited to go to his dr.'s appt tomorrow to offically check his height and weight...and his percentages on the charts. He really looks "long and lean" when he's only wearing a diaper. I cropped out his legs in the bottom picture for his privacy but, in the original, they look long and thin!


stefanie said...

besides the great photography (ahem ahem), i would say he looks a little tanner too. that abq sun must be doing his body wonders, making him thinner (although he eats like a champ!) and giving him a darker complextion. He's awfully handsome if i do say so myself. . . and looking so much older (just what you didnt want to hear im sure!)

jen said...

Ah yes, they grow up so fast! So cute to see him in the hotel (I think?) sink. They were well fed in Taiwan, weren't they? Oh, our little dumplings are thinning out! Have fun at the doctor and bring us back the full report!

Tara said...

Interesting about thinning out. I have a little girl sumo wrestler from the waist down, and I'm wondering when she will no longer look like a competitor. He's beautiful!

Sherry said...

Baby Matthew is just growing up to fast! I love the little Buddha belly & I'm really missing our little guys. Its just seem to disappear one day:(