Tuesday, January 22, 2008

An "Extreme" Answer to Prayer

I have always liked the Extreme Makeover Home Show on TV. Aside from all the nuttiness, in the end someone is blessed with a super cool house. And so about 2 years ago I started praying that I would have the opportunity to help out with one of the houses. In my mind I figured I would travel to the location, throw on a tool belt, and hammer some nails. I think I even sent an email to the show asking how to help, but I didn't get a response. Eventually...since the results didn't come lightning quick...I just stopped praying. But God did not forget.

The night I returned from Illinois, Scott told me that the Extreme Makeover show was here...in our city!!! So I contacted them and was given volunteering instructions. Upon arriving I signed up in the volunteer tent and was instructed to wait outside for someone to come get the volunteers. I decided to go back to the car and get my coat and, when I returned, the other volunteers were already gone! I had missed the cattle call! So I stood in front of the tent wondering how long til another group would go when I spotted two guys getting into a golf cart. I went over and said "Hey you look official...can you tell me where I can help out?" One of the dudes said "Well, do you have any experience working in a restaurant?" I smiled and replied, "yes." (When I decided to get my MA degree, I started working in restaurant service/mgmt and loved it!) And he said, "Great, you can work in the catering tent!"

Mr. Official led me to the catering tent and then disappeared. No instructions given. I didn't care...I was totally in my element serving and helping and cleaning. And I just kept laughing thinking about how God put me in the exact place He wanted me to be. Before I went home I walked to the construction site and was amazed! The workers reminded me of an ant colony...working so quickly, efficiently, and in harmony. It was an inspiring thing to see! The whole experience seemed lop-sided because I was blessed so much more than I helped out!!!

A small thing? Yes. But that is the point. God cares about the small details of our lives just as He does the big ones. Sometimes it is easy to go to Him about finances or illnesses but not about finding a good babysitter for Friday night or the right gift for your best friend's birthday. So talk to Him...I know He will answer...and you will be blessed.


jen said...

Tish, what an amazing experience!


M & M said...

How cool, Tish. That must have been some experience.

Sherry said...

That is awesome lady! On Sunday they showed a house/ barn they did in Baltimore (very close to me) & I was just like man if I only knew... LOL! What a great story you can share & I can't wait to see that episode! Do email me when it airs if you remember... Leifang22@yahoo.com I'd love to see it!

Stefanie said...

How incredible! Another answered prayer :) Sounds like an amazing experience... indeed WE are so blessed by helping others!