Thursday, January 31, 2008

New post & photos

New post and photos -- Dr.'s Appointment -- at Matthew's site.

I'm LOVING one! First, we are on our way to saying "Buh-bye Bottles" and "Forget you, Formula!" Second, Matthew is facing forward in his car seat now and what a difference that makes! This busy boy is much happier being able to see where he is going. And, since I usually do a running commentary as we travel, it makes it easier to talk about what is going on..for example "Do you see all the cars and trucks we are passing because mama is driving fast?" Just kidding! And third, and most importantly, it is such great fun watching his little personality blossom! Like tonight we cooked dinner together (him on the floor) and it was fun to watch him follow my instructions (photos at Matthew's site).

shirt - too small, socks - too big, face - too messy
boy - too cute!

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Rebecca said...

Definitely too cute!!! Hugs to Matthew and Matthew's mama!