Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A little dirt never hurt...

Photos by Smooch from her visit:
Matthew playing in our completely unlandscaped back yard!
It's like one big dirtbox (instead of a sandbox)
I asked Matthew "where is the sun?" and he tried showing me!
If I smile really cute maybe mama will let me put this rock in my mouth
Cleaned up and dirt free!
We had Matthew's doctor's appt today so I will post about that tomorrow. Right now I am busy going through all the adoption receipts for our taxes. I'm almost giddy at the fun of it all. Giddy? Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.


Sherry said...

No fair! We don't have a cool backyard like yours:) LOL! Dirts the best! Hehehe!

* Sorry I havent visited in awhile but I promise to be a better blogger:)

Rebecca said...

Hey, your yard looks just like ours!!!! LOL. We always joke about going out to "mow the dirt" on Saturdays. LOL!!

Grant would have loved a playdate with Matthew in the "dirtbox". Maybe someday. :)