Friday, January 4, 2008

How we feel about bugs...and why I am diggin' on youtube

New home in new construction by agricultural field = BUGS, BUGS, BUGS. We have so many crazy looking bugs that it makes my head spin. One night there was a bug in my shower that looked like it crawled out of a fossil in some "Bugs of Ancient Civilization" museum exhibit. I'll post a photo some day...if I get the nerve to even look at the picture again. Bugs just torture me because they make me angry...I think that if they aren't paying rent, they shouldn't be inside my house. Anyway, I usually make a big deal out of it when I see a bug...and when you ask Matthew "Where's the bug?", he gets all worked up. In his book about "toys", it has a picture of a bug...not sure why...and he likes to "get that bug" in the book. Here's a video:

On another note, I have found youtube to be an awesome educational and motivational tool for Matthew. For example, when we look at his books about animals, then we can look up those animals on youtube and there is video of the actual animal making its actual sound! Pretty great! No matter how I try to "neigh" I can never get a horse sound right. Also, Matthew is still not interested in doing pat-a-cake or itsy bitsy spider with me. Once I start the song, he smiles and then immediately starts looking around the room for something better to do. However, today I looked up kids singing those songs on youtube, and the boy got excited and started clapping! Maybe he just doesn't like my singing?!?


Yvonne Crawford said...

That video was cute. He was really getting after it.

Callum loves you tube. He loves watching train videos and monorail videos, etc. You just many things to look forward to. :)


jen said...

Tish, what a great idea to use you tube to teach Matthew! You are quite the resourceful mama! Matthew is so cute vigorously squishing those bugs!

love ya,

Rebecca said...

Wow, I would say if you see any more horrifying bugs crawling around, just bring Matthew over, point at the bug and say, "Get that bug!!" There would be no hope for the bug, that is for sure. LOL.

I hadn't thought about tapping into YouTube for educational videos. I like that idea! You'd probably have endless options, and it's all FREE! Thanks for the idea!! :)


Sherry said...

Oh I hate bugs! They scare the heck out of me! I hope that not to many more take up residence in your home:) I am so fortunate that Kobi has no fear & that he tries to kill them for me. (You know while Im standing on the couch telling my 1 year old "Kill It, KILL IT!) LOL! By the looks of that video I think Matthew is gonna do the same for you! Aren't boys great! :)