Wednesday, August 27, 2008


A little late on a 19 month update! M is up to SIX teeth and FOUR words!

His words are
- help
- Dada
- uh-oh
- oval

He also tries to make some animal sounds...and I think we got a "mom" out of him while we were in IL. He also for the first time did a good raspberry/blowing bubbles thing with his mouth on the plane ride home.

I can now write short words on cards, put them on the floor in front of the fridge, and he will find the magnetic letters to place on top of the written letters on the card.

I continue to be amazed at his
- receptive language - you don't really have to change the way you talk to him (i.e., slow down, repeat a bunch of times, etc) - he just gets what you are saying and follows through on what you ask him to do

- memory - when we get together with people, you only have to tell him their names once and he remembers who they are and things about them. Even on the plane ride home I would say a name of someone he may have seen only once or twice, and he would do the action of what he remembered that person doing.

- observation skills - I never realize how much he is paying attention to all that is going on...even if he doesn't seem like he is...until he mimics an action or seems to remember something I had no clue he knew about.

- understanding of "issues of the heart" - for ex, you will see from the photos that my sweet Mom has cancer. M and I have read in his kids' Bible the story of Jesus healing Jairus' daughter. I mentioned Jairus, and M remembered that story. As he and I were praying for my Mom one night before bed, M pointed upstairs where she was and started saying "help, help." I asked if Jesus could help her, and he nodded.

Here are photos from the trip, courtesy of Smooch. I tried to take a break from the camera and just enjoy the moments! Sorry some are a little fuzzy; I think it's a MP issue.


Tami said...

Happy 19 months M! I know I've said this about a gazzilion times before, but I can't get over how much he reminds me of my Nate.

What a touching story you shared about you and M praying...he obviously has a huge heart, which doesn't surprise me...the apple doesn't usually fall far from the tree!

Hoping and praying here too that your prayers are answered regarding your mom.


stefanie said...

your little boy is so sweet.
i love him to pieces.
but not quite as much as i love you.

Sherry said...

Wow love the new look! Can you tell its been awhile:) I think baby M has got genius qualities here. Now watch out when he starts full blown sentences... which will probably just happen one day next week. LOL! (Its so true though) You won't believe the things Kobi says (that I have know idea that he hears) Last week he pointed to one of my freckles and said "Mama has funny nipples"! Oh yeah... it gets better but I'll keep it clean:) You just wait... your time is coming soon:p

Sherry said...

Also tell your mom that were prayin for her too!

Rebecca said...


I love that little guy. :)


Andrea said...

and tell your mom I said , "she is one good looking chick!" She has to be to make the 'haircut' look good.


Just Us said...

Wow...M is one smart cookie. His comprehension is amazing and that was soo sweet about him wanting to help your mom!! What a kind compasionate heart he has!!! We will keep your mom in our prayers too. Big hugs to you.

jen said...

What a cutie pie! Such a brilliant kid! Who else says help and oval??? ;) So sweet about his interactions with others. Prayers for your mom.