Friday, August 8, 2008

confessions of a first-time mama

Since Scott has Bible Study on Thursday nights, I ususally try to take M out for dinner and an evening activity. I call it our "date," but it would be more honestly labeled my "sanity saver." BTW, mad props to you single mamas out there. If it wouldn't be idolatry, I might worship the ground you walk on.

Last night was the dinner fiasco that included screaming, crying, and a little kicking of the feet...oh, and M threw a fit, too. Relieved to be leaving the restaurant, we headed to a special bookstore. Stuck in a back corner of this store is a toddler-high train set which M loves. As we made our way toward the train, I was suddenly overcome by a strong force...and like a magnet to steel, I was drawn to the magazine section.

I stood in front of the bountiful selection...trying to shield M's eyes from the bountiful cleavage on some of the covers. Walking back and forth along the racks, I weighed my options. Dwell? No, that will just make me question my choices of paint color. Newsweek? Not enough brain power to concentrate on news. Parents? Just.Can't.Do.It. we go...In Style. Pleased with my selection, I began to turn away. All of the sudden, a celebrity mag jumped into my hand, too! I shrugged my shoulders and walked away with magazines in hand.

As M played with the trains, I sunk into mind-numbing bliss...

Oh, Jen, surely you can do better than John Mayer!
Rihanna, love the new hairdo!
Wow, Victoria Beckham actually owns a pair of flat shoes! Who knew?

Of course, when people would walk by I would totally snap to it...

Matthew, what color is that train? Good job!

Can you make the train go down the hill? Oh, I knew you could!

But when they walked away, my attention turned to fall fashion and Britney's new beach-ready body.

As we left the store, I felt a little lighter...less serious...and even good enough to assert the brain power needed to get M away from the train without a tantrum.

And what is M doing as I type this? Watching a video!!!!!!!! Yes, a video. Shame, shame, everybody knows my name. And not even his sign language video or his left brain logical thinking video. Nope. He is watching the Wiggles. Double shame.

Ahhhh, so there you have confessional. I feel better already. Guess it's time to turn off the TV and go make some homemade playdough.

Sidenote: Does anyone know of block-like things that you can put together to create a roller-coaster of sorts for rolling balls down? There is one on his logical thinking video, but I can't find it in stores. Magnetix has one, but the pieces look too tiny for his hands and mouth.

On a roll, baby! After our morning video extravaganza, I thought it necessary to teach M the fine art of dunking cookies in milk. Afterall, how can we expect him to grow into a self-respecting adult if he doesn't master this skill? Besides, I think it is required knowledge for college entrance exams.


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Ah, the celebrity magazines are a pleasure of mine as well! Every kid needs to have some video time sometimes. The Wiggles dancing and signing count as cultural time...right? We mamas put too much pressure on ourselves.

Shannon said...

oh, yes. the escape of magazines about nothingness. i find it online and even without tv, it is amazing (and sad) how much i can keep up with celebrity gossip.

as for this exact moment....i need something stronger. i am about to slam my head into the wall. ainsley has thrown tantrum after tantrum today with full out-of-control hysterics. i have never seen anything like it and admittedly, it made me a little out-of-control myself. absolutely nothing does the trick this time - well, i have not considered bribing since there is no way i am giving in! but, as of now, she is starting to go back to sleep on the little kids couch beside me (had to remove her from the kids' room so i didn't have two crazy people on my hands today.) let's hope the day gets better.

and, funny thing about the wiggles. we own one from probably 10 years ago - or whenever they first came out - and ainsley likes it, however i rarely turn it on (like you). recently a friend called and asked how my day was going and all i had to say was "well, the wiggles are on" and she knew it was one of those days!

power to the single mamas - don't have a clue how they do it!

Andrea said...

VEGGIE TALES are cool,too!Go buy some of them..King George and the Ducky , Little Joe , and Dave and the Giant Pickle are the best ones!
Mothers have to have mindless down time just like everyone else. Have you ever taken a piece of paper and written down everything you do and are responsible for in a single day? No? Try it.. You are a cook, house keeper, chauffer, teacher,personal shopper, nurse,dietician,therapist,party planner,gardener,bookkeeper, accountant,and thanks to blogging- a micro-celebrity!
Everyone in that bookstore(who has kids) knows exactly what it feels like to do the same thing you were doing. My kids RUN to the Thomas Tank Engine table! and I let them...Just as soon as I find something to read and get a cup of coffee! :)

Hauswife said...

Can I just say how much you ROCK? I love this post. :)

Tami said...

Bravo!!!! There's nothing like a senseless magazine or two to recharge the 'Mama' brain, and put a new perspective on things. I think I've read about ten this week during my 'alone' time!

As for the videos....I think kids need some down time too when they can just chill and take it in as well. Everything in moderation, right?!

Rebecca said...

No need for confessions! There isn't a mama out there that doesn't need something mindless and pointless to take her mind off their CRAZY SCREAMING BOY every once in awhile!!! Wait... am I talking about you or me??? :)


Craig, Judy, Andrew, & William said...

You name a song by the Wiggles and I can sing it.

Thanks for your honesty; it's encouraging to see that even a Supermom like you is actually human :)

"Fruit salad, yummy, yummy..." Now just try to get that one out of your head.

Jenna said...

Just so we are clear.....there is no shame (and certainly not double shame) in the Wiggles! :) The Wonder Pets might be another story.....

And, since we are admitting guilty pleasure is People magazine. Scot made me promise not to buy it, but I got a one week pass on that so I could buy the issue with the Chapman's in it next week. Is it horribly pathetic to admit I'm already looking forward to it?

Staci said...

Oh, how I've been there so many times...the bookstore and the tantrums. The wiggles has now turned into princess videos.