Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Thanks for stopping by, but now I'm going to lead you to some other places!

Child Trafficking: A young lady named Lana serves children along the Thailand/Burma border who are prey to child traffickers (slavery, prostitution, sweatshops). She recently spoke at a Global Ministry Conference sharing both the problem and a solution. Please note that Lana is not a theologian nor a Bible scholar; she is simply a young woman who loves God and therefore loves others. You can listen to her message HERE.

An issue like child trafficking can be difficult for us to hear. And that may be precisely why we need to hear about it. It is much easier not to think of the little ones being sold into slavery by their parents or being forced into prostitution by their kidnapper. It is a weight that is difficult for our hearts to bear...but nowhere near as difficult as it is for the children living in these conditions. These kids are crying out for help...and you may be the help God wants to use.

How can you help? Perhaps prayer, or finances, or partnering with an organization like Lana's. If God puts this ministry on your heart, then He will use you no matter who you are or where you are at. Lana was a teenage go-go dancer in CA when God saved her...and now she lives to serve the children whom God loves.

The Shadows of Virtue: This film is described as "an introspective look at the actions God's love compels us to take in response to the crisis of global poverty." I have only watched the trailer yet but thought I'd pass along that link for you to view. Click HERE to access the link and then select "small, medium or large" after "trailer" at the right.


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Thanks for sharing this. It is so important to be aware. I'll check out your links now.

dan and rachel said...

tish, thank you for posting this. this really spoke to my heart.