Saturday, August 30, 2008

saturday stuff

We started the day with a trip to the university campus to feed the ducks. For M, it was some serious biz-ness! At times he would completely forget that the stale bread and bagels were for the birds, and then he'd stuff some in his mouth. Other times I'd see him start to take a bite, stop, shake his head NO, and then toss the piece to the ducks.

Scott & M hung out today when I went mattress shopping (if anyone has a recommendation for a twin mattress please share because looking at mattresses is almost as utterly unbearable as flying with a baby.....NOT!). They were out on a walk and M started saying "oval, oval"...Scott wasn't sure what M was talking about til he saw a train station sign in the shape of an oval. Funny little guy!

Tonight we walked over to nearby restaurant for dinner and were happy to see they had a band! Matthew was dancing, squealing, and clapping...very funny since he is usually Mr. StraightFace. Our town's annual wine fest is going on, and I was tempted to think M snuck out of the house for a little wine tasting...he was THAT loopy!

Here are some photos from last night at the farmer's market and today at the duck pond.

Mom, if you are reading this....I LOVE YOU!!!!!


Andrea said...

Hey Sweet Girl!
Stacy and I just bought a regular old mattress and purchased a memory foam mattress cover. The kids LOVE it. Sam's has one that it just as good as the $200 ones.
We laid on the kids really does feel great!
Hannah calls it the "Cloud Cover".:)
Might want to try it.


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

You are getting good with that camera! Love M's little green hat.

kris said...

sounds like a good weekend so far, love the photos :)

Jenna said...

i love the farmer's market pictures!

Is Matthew sleeping better now that he's home?

kris said...

Canon Rebel XT, but it's all about the lens in my opinion- and that one is my FAVE- 50mm macro!

Beverly said...

love his little sandals!!