Sunday, August 10, 2008

photo extravaganzaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Bunch of photos here. Anyone know how to take nice, clear pics w/out the flash on? Mine are almost always blurry even though I try to be super still. This group of photos include:

- playing in the pool on the back patio
- making a smoothie with play food
- watering flowers
- attending a carnival...a church in our town was celebrating a festival this weekend complete with a carnival open to the public. We decided to check it out, and it was both fun and disturbing! M had a blast on a few "rides" and thought the live music was funny, but the lack of safety and quality of both the rides and the prizes really bothered me. You can see from the photos the condition of the rides. On the "ride of death" a chain broke causing a little boy to hold on for dear life so as not to fly out of his seat. Some of the prizes looked like they had been sitting in a Goodwill storehouse collecting dust since 1988. Where's OSHA when you need them?


kari said...

oh dear!! it looks like M had a great time on the bouncy/jumpy/inflatable things.....

sorry can't help you with the flash issues... but, LOVE the new camera!!

Rebecca said...

Ew... dangerous rides??? Yikes!!! I love the smoothie pictures!