Monday, December 1, 2008

Tish's Top Model

My friend and personal artist (grin), Kim, agreed to give up her Saturday painting time to let me practice photography on her. She was game for anything I suggested, she held still (unlike M) and actually smiled (unlike Scott), so she has stolen the spot as my favorite model!

This is my very favorite shot of the day because I think she looks so beautiful and this photo is straight out of the no retouching! She is just that gorgeous!


For my online class we are practicing post processing in Lightroom, a great but intimidating tool, so I gave some of the other shots some heavy Lightroom lovin'. Thankfully, since Kim is an artist, she's not scared of a little SHA-ZAAAM!









This is from M's Jesus Storybook Bible, a paraphrase of John 1:12-13:

For anyone who says yes to Jesus
For anyone who believes what Jesus said
For anyone who will just reach out to take it
Then God will give them this wonderful gift:

To be born into a whole new Life
To be who they really are
Who God always made them to be -
Their own true selves -
God's dear Child.

And this is from me: Today, if I could just reach through my computer screen, take your precious face in my hands, I would look into your eyes and tell you, "God is crazy in love with you...let Him love you."


Anonymous said...

Wow, you're a pretty incredible photographer. One of my dreams is to take a photography class and be able to afford a really nice camera and some lenses! Meanwhile, it will have to wait until I finish the classes I'm currently registered for and slacking off in. ;0)

Lynn said...

Amazing girl! I adore the first shoe one! I want to take that class! I have to tell you, I have been questioning my faith lately, not sure why, so I really loved your words at the end.

Lynn said...

Hey, will you give me the link for the online class?

dan and rachel said...


beautiful, amazing photos! you are talented and she is a superb model.

thank you for sharing another story from M's bible. inspirational and uplifting. i needed it today!


Tish said...

here is the link for my instructor's website:

Lisa said...

The shots are personal, spontaneous( you made them look like that!!) ) & gorgeous! You've got some serious photography chops my friend!
Thanks for the love at the end too.... :)

Kimi said...

WOW!!! AWESOME pictures! Okay tell all....what do you shoot lens? editing program? TELL TELL....if you have already shared this info and I missed it will you PLEASE share again. Pretty please with sugar on top.


Tish said...

kim....these were shot with a canon rebel xti with a 50mm 1.4 lens. but they were just OK photos (i had the ISO on 1600 due to being inside so they were kind of grainy PLUS i don't have my metering and lighting down yet). i just had a beautiful subject and i post processed in Lightroom and Picnik.

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Excellent shots. You can really see great improvement in your photos.

Thanks for sharing the class link. I was thinking of starting a class in January.

Andrea said...

Very Nice, Chick!
Love the tinted one, and the shoe close up.


Hauswife said...

WAY COOL! Love the photos!

Christi said...

Check you out!!! You are rockin' out the art there! I'm so proud! Look at your LR skills already! Love the shot with her feet crossed next to the brushes! That's my fav!

Tami said...

Great....your photography style has some definite flair! You've got some serious talent, Tish!

Crazy 'in love' with Him too!

Beverly said...

you are very good!

kari said...

FABULOUS!!! what a great gift God has blessed you with..... thanks for everything today.. sorry it went south FAST.

The Family K. said...

Nicely done!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you share the name of M's Bible book with me? I love the simplicity of the translation :) I have to have one for Noah and also as a children's Pastor I want one to use in my class with my children! :)

Noah's mama

kris said...

now I need to start taking lessons from YOU- WOW. Seriously Tish- stunning!! i have photoshop now but I'm clueless!! the computer end is tough for me so my stuff is pretty much raw.

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

DANG! These ROCK!!!!! Love the shoes with the paintbrushes!!!!!!! They are ALL AWESOME! You totally caught her natural beauty. Skillz, girlfriend, skillz. You got 'em.