Sunday, December 21, 2008



kris said...

while i agree with the message, i always find it misses the mark about how we forget, so often, to be just as thankful, just as "on our knees" in glorifying god, when our lives are abundant and filled with prosperity and health and when we aren't struggling and when we aren't in the midst of loss.

in my darkest hours- when my husband asked for that divorce 3 months shy of our referral, and i had to cancel the adoption and then face my mother's death 7 month's later- i have never in my life known god's presence in the way that i did then. i came to him and he came to me in new and different ways. i came to understand his silence, and my own silence, and i knew the value and importance of solitude and embracing my own cross.

now, in my joy (since god has been faithful to his promise to me)- in my absolute joy (though that isn't saying my life is not still without struggle, lately of the really tough financial kind)- i find god again differently- in my exuberance, i find myself dancing with him, learning his love not in mercy and compassion (as i did lying on the bathroom floor racked with tears), but now in laughter and kisses and the promise of new life in love.

i know there will be loss again, and pain. but i know in all of it god is there.

and in all of it- health, prosperity, loss, wealth, poverty, suffering- i am to be still, in my being, and know that he is god.

it's taken me so long to understand.

and i've a lot left to learn.

but that's what this journey is all about. :O)

i'm glad you posted this. obviously it realllllly got me thinking and reflecting on my own journey!

tish said...

@ kris, i completely agree that, as commanded in 1 Thess 5:18, we are to give thanks "in everything"...IN EVERYTHING.

i think what this video highlights is simply the tragedy of america being a vehicle in the distribution of this false doctrine to those in other countries.