Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A baby is coming!

M has a little kissin' cousin on the way!!! She is due in January, and I had the pleasure of hosting a shower for her. I got some adorable photos of some of the kids who attended, but I won't post them w/out parental permission. However, I am posting some pics of big sister since her mama has allowed me to do so in the past. We actually had the shower at the baby's home so that guests could see the nursery and presents wouldn't have to be hauled back and forth. It was a very fun...and pink!...event!

(Hey...anyone who edits with Lightroom know why the photos lose their sharpness when you blog them?)
Selfish heart: There are days when I just want to build a cool structure of Mega Blocks without having little hands try to add to it or knock it down.

Funny husband:
Me: I'm having a Mexican dinner and Asian salad dressing.
Scott: Fusion!

Me: These berries are they taste sour to you...I think they're sour.
Scott: Anything south of chocolate is sour to you.

New model:
Since M and Scott get facial tics when I ask them to model for me, I called on an old friend for a class assignment. She was a joy to work with and didn't even complain that I failed to wash her face before the photoshoot. Her name is Poor Pitiful Pearl. Yes, that was the name on the box!!! And I asked for her because I was afraid that no one else would buy her...with her ragged, patched clothes and stringy hair...and that she would be sad and lonely! Some toy exec sure knew my number, huh?


Just Us said...

What a lovely shower....those cupcakes look so yummy. Tish, you really gotta take a look at your progress with your really have come such a long way from when you first started your class. Keep up the great work!

Jon and Em said...

ok, now i want cupcakes!!! awesome pictures! and btw...i love the picture of your old doll. what a hoot!

Stefanie said...

i think in all the many years we've been discussing her as a family i had never seen her. she's adorable!

dan and rachel said...

great shower pics! and that doll! that is exactly my kind of doll as well!

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

I love showers, and love those polka dot cupcakes!

I had to giggle when I saw "Poor Pitiful Pearl". Remembered a conversation we had about toys that we wanted as kids, but never got. She wanted "Poor Pitiful Pearl", which gave us quite a life!

Anonymous said...

OMG your pics from the baby shower were incredible! I especially love the one of the litte girl sitting in the doorway looking up. AWESOME! Very professional! And what is 'Lightroom?' I just discovered Picnik as you can tell by looking at any of my recent photos.