Sunday, December 14, 2008

let's face it!

The many faces of Matthew...please excuse the runny nose!

Hope everyone is doing well! I'll be catching up on your blogs soon...I've missed you! We've been busy lately with hosting a baby shower, enjoying an overnight guest, going on a date (WOOOHOO)...and being bitten on the lip by M (he and I were wrestling and he got a little excited, bit my lip, and left me a bloody, swollen, bruised mess...but it healed quickly!)

Scott is enjoying M's recent verbal explosion and has taught him to call me "mamacita!" M is speaking very well and now will say things like (when I get out his blue hat), "no, red hat" and if you ask where to put something, he'll tell you "right there."


stefanie said...

i love him.
he's so smart.
and let's face it,
pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.
i want to hear him talk!
i'll call tomorrow.
<3 smooch!

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

Those videos are so cute, Tish!!!

I love the facial expressions... you can tell exactly what he's thinking!! :)

Get a video of him saying "mamacita" - I would love to see it.



dan and rachel said...

tish, that is hilarious! i was laughing out loud! so funny!

it's so great when they start talking well. makes life sooo much easier!

Sherry said...

Hola Mamacita! Thats toooo funny! Baby M is so darn cute. Now just get him to do the "Home Alone scream" w/ the "excited expression" and watch out ladies. Hehe!

(I'm trying to catch up with everyone as well... been such a bad blogger :p )

Lisa said...

You have been one busy family! All fun things from the sounds of it, except maybe the lip boo-boo...glad it healed fast!
M is just such a cutie-pie! Love all the 'faces' he makes!
I bet he makes your 'face' light up too!

The Carew Family said...

I left a comment before on M's dry skin...and my son's. We have been using Eucerin Calming creme. I found it at Walmart and it seems to be working very well! I do keep a humidifier on at nap and bedtime and that seems to help too. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I love the video! You really get to see his little (heh - big!) personality shine through. Sometimes pictures (even really good ones like yours) don't really capture their personality. The videos were awesome.

Jon and Em said...

sounds like you've been busy! hope you've had lots of fun. i'm sure matthew is quite entertaining...especially when there are guests over. that's usually when my kids really put on a show. poor mamacita's lip...ouch!

Andrea said...

Love my card. tell M I said he is quite the little artist.
It is hanging on the card tree for all to see.


Shannon said...

love the faces - especially the switch from sad to happy! :) cute (and smart) little kid you have there!

Just Us said...

Hey there mamacita..that is a great one. You gotta catch that one on video when he learns it. M is soo darn smart and of course cute as a button. Love all the many faces of M! And yeah, no more bloody lips for mamacita!

Beverly said...

love it.