Friday, December 5, 2008


I Wednesday I had the privilege of photographing the ADORABLE M kids. We were outside on a warm, sunny day...the conditions were perfect...the kids couldn't be cuter...I had reviewed my teacher's lesson on photographing outside in the light...and I STILL FLUBBED UP. If I had taken the photos a few months ago, I would have been very happy with them. But now...I notice the shadows on the faces, the overexposed backgrounds from shooting toward a lighter background, the lack of good composition, and on and on.

And I just want to scream, "RE-DO! I want a RE-DO!"

But here are a few of the shots anyway because the kids' precious faces are going to make you smile!!!

edited2add: I must have been in a state of chocolate sedation when I wrote this because I meant to say "Do-over! I want a do-over!" Not a RE-DO!!!! Re-Do??????? What was I thinking?????


dan and rachel said...

beautiful photos, gorgeous kids! nice job, tish!

Andrea said...

See! I like the shadows.
My favorite is the one of the oldest girl.
they are just plain precious!


The Family K. said...

Still looks good to me!

Hauswife said...

Seriously, you are GOOD!

kris said...

they are SO adorable!!

Stefanie said...

We are living concurrent lives... we just got home from freezing our patooties off in some thorn filled, bug infested woods in search of the PERFECT picture for our class and I was SO frustrated by the results! This picture taking is TOUGH!
BTW, I do love the pictures that did turn out... how darn cute are those little ones??

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

Hey!! Did you think I dropped off the face of the earth???? I have been a horrible BBFF. Too much going on over here. I think you did a fabulous job for your first photoshoot... don't worry, I screwed my first one up too, half of my pics have bad white balance and the other half are grainy because my ISO was too high. Live and learn!! You are good, girly... I think these are cute. I really, really like the close-up of the little girl's face... that is a great shot.

Love you!

PS Re-do! LOL!!!

Dara said...

beautiful work my friend! where did you find such cute kids....HAHA!

Anonymous said...

Well, I've never taken a photography class (though I'd love to) so I don't know much about light/shadow/exposure/etc. but to me, these are friggen awesome.

Shannon of "Room for More" said...

Tish, These are great. You will always be your toughest critic though! You have a gift!