Monday, December 1, 2008

M at 22 months!

M turned 22 months on Thanksgiving, so I wanted to post a "keepsake" update about him.
- He has suddenly become more affectionate and playful...more free with the kisses!
- He continues to do really well with his letters, numbers, colors, shapes, opposites, superlatives, following directions, etc.
- His favorite friend is Elmo.
- His favorite activity is helping daddy make hot tea.
- He has become more talkative and, although he doesn't say a ton of words, he does put them together well, such as "help dad hot tea." When he wants to tell you something and knows he can't (this usually involves food), he looks at you like he is hoping that he can speak through his eyes!
- He eats. A LOT. For ex, the other morning it was two Eggo waffles and a whole banana. He often asks for more even when I give him a full plate the first time.
- He has started attending Little Gym and loves it! When he finishes an activity with his teacher, he does a little happy dance.
- Sleep. Still not great.
- Skin. The dry weather has brought out the worst of his I am trying a new product that I found at the pharmacy.
- Teeth. Has some in front and some in back...just waiting for those in-betweeners.
- He is doing fairly well at taking off his own shirt...needs help to get going.
- He just finished his first week with a Helping Chart (read "chores")...and he did a great job! His payment was 25 cents and a sucker. I paid in 2 dimes and a nickel so we could start teaching about tithing.
- He does little things that surprise me as a 1st time mama. For ex, he wanted something so I said I would get it when I was finished picking up the folded laundry. Rather than just waiting for me to finish or standing there whining, he actually helped me (on his own initiative) to put the clothes in the basket.

I was pretty amazed when he could "read" words like Bob and Wow, but the other day I tried spelling some words for him verbally, and he was able to say the word. So I tried to recreate on video:

Because many of M's photos show his more serious side, I thought I'd share his goofy side:


The Family K. said...

That is one frighteningly smart boy. I hope you've got some good gifted education alternatives where you live!

Stefanie said...

oh my goodness.
seriously, he may very well be in college at 16 at the rate he's going. i have never met a child under 2 who can spell. & i've met a lot of children.

love the videos. love him. and you two. going to start lookin at flights again. love!

dan and rachel said...

wow, tish, that's amazing! go M!

Anonymous said...

Goofy and cute! Oh. So. FRIKKEN CUTE!

Shannon said...

I am IMPRESSED on the spelling! Wow. Craziness. Of course my boy likes to talk and sing nonstop, he is nowhere near spelling! He does, however, like to try and put blueberries up his nose, so I was glad to see Matthew has a crazy side as well! :) Made me feel a little more normal!

Lynn said...

Wow, he is one smart little boy! Chaislyn watched the video with me and said, "that China", she thinks every kid that looks like her is from China!

Lisa said...

Such a smart and adorable little guy! I read all the posts I had missed too....LOVE his Christmas outfit; he looked so handsome!
So sorry to hear about the camera lense....those mall elves kinda freak me out! :)
Sounds like your Thanksgiving was great!! Yay!
Lisa C.

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...


He is a total doll! and a smartie too! WOW! You are doing a great job! THANKS so much for sharing with us :) Enjoy your sweetie :)

Noah's mama

The Carew Family said...

Just wondering what you bought for M's excema? My 3 yr old has some really "itchy" patches that he will itch until they bleed. I have been using Calendula lotion from the natural food co-op but not to much avail. Just wondering.
Thank you

Stefanie said...

Wow. You and Scott are going to have to come up with another language since you can't resort to s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g things out so he can't understand. And then you'll have to get him signed up for MENSA.
What a big brain in that little guy!

Tish said...

The newest thing I am trying for his skin is called "Gentle Naturals" (yikes, I think! It is in M's room and he is asleep). At Walgreens in baby section. Has baby Winnie the Pooh and Piglet on front. HOneslty don't thinkit is making much difference on his bad spots...though nothing really seems to...but perhpas it is keeping the rest of his skin from being tight and itchy. It is DRRRRRYYYYY here!

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

LOve the update. Man, you have a smart little dude on your hands!

Tiffany and Gabriel said...

Matthew is quite simply amazing! I cannot believe how smart he is. Tish, you are like the super mama...come down to Hawaii and teach me how!

Andrea said...

Your Little Man is shaping up quite nicely, My friend!
I think he is just the neatest kid.
See...I told ya it gets better.;)

Love U,


Nicole said...

He's a cutie!

Beverly said...

great update. he is adorable as ever.

Dianne said...

I can't believe how smart he is. I loved watching the videos, he is so cute.
Let me know how you make out with the excema thing. I have tried so many different things. It gets frustrating. Fortunately, right now, with him being in long sleeves and long pants, he can't scratch, so it gets better.

Tami said...

You got a little Einstein there, Tish!

J+Di Di said...

W-O-W.... M is one smart baby. You probably don't need to save to pay for his education at Harvard, because he is going to get some serious scholarship $$$ with that brain! :)

Anyway, on to eczema- my husband has had very serious eczema for years living in dry CA until he started taking these flaxseed oil and fish oil. Both oil is sold in capsules or liquid form whichever works better for a child. My husbands experimented taking either the flaxseed or the fish oil and also tried taking both at the same time. He rarely takes hot bath, because lukewarm water tends not to cause as much flare up. He uses baby powder to cool the skin when he has an occasional patch here and there.

My husband has really seen a huge improvement ever since he started taking the flaxseed and the fish oil, so just want to share his home remedy with you. You might want to consult a doctor to see if M is too young to take the oil. If he is too young, you can try the oil when he is older.

jen said...

Too cute to see M having fun! OMG he is a genius! I still rem when he picked the letter E off the fridge, and I have been trying to get Andy to do that for months. but he is more interested in throwing his foam letters than spelling with them! =)

Just Us said...

Oh my goodness Tish...M is a genius!!!!! You are doing an awesome job there and can't wait to see more of him spelling so maybe Yu-Lin can pick up a few things..he is like his buddy Andy..much rather fling the letters across the room : )