Thursday, June 11, 2009

stuff of no real importance

took this pic with my cell phone the other day. i actually have a few other pics of M to post but time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future! leave for trafficking event in vegas tomorrow and doors are really opening here, too. like faster than i can say "i'll take door number 2, please!" seems as if i'm walking on a treadmill and God just switched the speed to SUPAH FAST! thankfully, He has raised up an army of fab chicas with a heart for this issue of human it is unbelievably exciting to see what God is doing/will do.

i've decided M is going to be a lawyer...he has the gift of arguing a point and the tenacity to see his argument to the bitter end. i would say it was cute if i wasn't living the effects of it right now. sadly...and i know toddlers say random things...the other day he told me he wasn't in our family. i asked whose family he thought he was in and he said "nobody." so i just reminded him he was part of our family and sang a song about it...but, even if it was just a toddler thing, it made my heart sad.

though he really doens;t have much interest at this time, M did actually go on his little toilet and squealed in surprise, "it's so funny!!!!"

hope your week is beautiful and blessed!'s been so long since i have blogged that i posted this and then thought, "oh, yeah, i have a private blog, too!"


Middle Aged Woman Blogging said...

LOL You are so easily entertained!!! and you are obviously a mother in love!! Lucky child!! xoxox

Tami said...

I just LOVE reading your posts, Tish:-)! Vegas sounds like it's going to be pretty heavy....I KNOW God has some major plans for you in this area.

God bless!!


dan and rachel said...

great to read an update from you, tish!

glad you feel that God is opening doors. that is amazing! excited to hear more about your work!


Jenna said...

So glad to hear you are on God's treadmill- no better place to be, even if it is going supah fast. I cannot wait to see/hear the ways God uses you! Enjoy Vegas- Scot just got back from his first ever trip there and said he could not believe the hedonism all around him. He wasn't too keen on the place, but from what he described, it sounds like some Light is needed there badly!

Chloe's in a bad stage too. For my kids ages 3-5 were a big challenge. But, I know with other kids, it starts earlier. Chloe told me "I don't love you." Nice, huh? They just can't think of any other way to be mean when they are angry. It works though- stuff like that hurts!

Nichol Naranjo said...

I too have been on that treadmill for several months now, I'm exhausted!

BTW ~ I think we all feel like M at times, like we don't belong. I know I do! I love that you sang to him, you're obviously a good mommy!!