Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nice shot...

Background: Scott volunteers at Noon Day Ministries and some of the lovely ladies bought Matthew baby gifts. We decided to visit last Tuesday to thank them in person.
The Agenda: To arrive at Noon Day by 11:45am.

The Logistics: In the left hand: Matthew, diaper bag, a bunch of papers to mail, and a super cute little embroidered purse I bought in Taiwan. In the right hand: car keys and the door knob as we were on our way out.

The Incident: As my hand turned the door knob to the garage, I heard a sound and looked to see Matthew spit up. I checked my papers...WHEW! Clean! I checked the floor....Clean! Great...the bib got it all!

The Twist in the Plot: While driving my cell phone rang (the town we live in isn't hands-free yet, so I was legal to answer). I grabbed it out of the front pocket of my purse, stuck it up to my ear, and....GROSS! What is in my hair??? Why is my ear all wet???? Yes, with the precision of a heat-seeking missile, the spit up had catapulted out of Matthew's mouth, past the diaper bag, past the papers, and into the tiny front pocket of my purse ending up all over my cell phone.

The Response: Mama: queasy. Daddy: proud that his son had such great aim!

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jen said...

Tish, Ha ha! Great story! Love the new blog! Matthew is such a cutie!