Friday, September 28, 2007

Better than chocolate...

To me, there is not much better than chocolate. Well, milk chocolate I mean. Dark chocolate gives me the creeps. But here are two things that are so sweet they are better than chocolate:
#1 - Matthew is crazy about his dad. Scott reads to the baby every night, and sometimes Matthew doesn't even look at the book because he is so intently staring at his daddy...and will occasionally reach out a chubby little hand to touch Scott's face. Love, love, love. Life is good.
#2 - Matthew has a rubber duck (among other toys) for bathtime and, as he watches the tub fill, we throw each toy in the tub. Before we do I stick each one to his mouth for a kiss. Well, today we were looking at a book about toys and on one page was a rubber duck. I said, "Look there's baby duck!" and he promptly pulled the book to his mouth to give it a kiss.
THIS IS SO NOT BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE: Matthew's atopic dermatitis seems to be going hog wild despite the number of times per day that I grease him up like a little pig with that nasty smelling Eucerin Calming Cream (Sorry, Eucerin Company!). I found out from some other mothers whose Taiwanese babies had similar skin problems that lactose intolerance is common in we trekked over to the store to get some soy-based formula. The verdict? So far...he thinks it stinks. So we may end up trying the milk-based, lactose free kind. Who knew there were so many different types of formula? They even have some especially for "gassy" babies....I know some adults who should start drinking that!
Here are photos of Matthew checking out the back patio. Not sure if he was that interested in the patio or just liked the chance to stand up on his own. Gotta love those little Fred Flintstone feet!

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jen said...

So are you telling me once I get Andy I won't need my good friends Ben and Jerry anymore? Phew! That's a relief! =) The story about Matthew kissing the ducky is SO cute!!! What an adorable boy!