Friday, February 6, 2009

my love

If I had to explain to someone what it means to follow Jesus, I would simply point to my husband. I have learned more about grace, longsuffering, and sacrificial love from him than from anyone else. He is proof that people who surrender to God can, by the power of His Spirit, live a life that looks different from the that reflects the absolute goodness of God.

My humble husband does not like to have my camera pointed at him, and I try to respect that...but the other day I was desperate to complete a final assignment for my class and; therefore, I asked him to be my supermodel.

That night, Scott walked into the house after a long day of work. Before he could even get through the door, Matthew began pulling at him and yelling "HOT TEA! HOT TEA!" at the top of his lungs (it is their nightly ritual)...and I started pushing them both outside so I could snag some shots before the sun set. And Scott handled it all with the same graciousness that he always displays...putting the needs of others before his own.

Here are a few of the shots. They may seem super bright and grainy on your computer...because I shot in RAW for the assignment, I had to use an editing program that I am not familiar with.

Here is my unbelievably amazing husband.
My undeserved blessing from God.
My love.


The Family K. said...

Great photos and a lovely tribute to your husband.

Jon and Em said...

Great pics-What a trooper!

dan and rachel said...

GREAT shots!!!! wonderful husbands are such a blessing!!!

Anonymous said...

My Jason hates having the camera pointed at him as well, but at least your hubby relented. :o) What a sweet, handsome guy!

Tami said...

AAAAAAAWWWWW!!! What a heartfelt post. Your hubby sounds wonderful, and your deep love is very apparent. God is good!


Stefanie said...

Well, hopefully he can say it was worth the time to sit for your super session... those are AWESOME!!
What a sweet tribute to a man following in the steps of THE man we all want our men to follow: JESUS :)

Shannon of "Room for More" said...

Lovely work! Thank you for sharing your tribute to your blessing from God!

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

These are fabulous!!!! We love SuperScott!!!!!!!!

I am going to do a shoot with Andy soon too... whether he likes it or not. Ha!