Tuesday, November 11, 2008

on a lighter note...honest weblog

Stefanie tagged me for the Honest Weblog. I'm not putting up the Honest Weblog icon because, honestly, I'm too lazy. I think these are the rules:

“When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in their content or design. Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing they were prized with ‘Honest Weblog’.
List [if you can and/or dare] at least ten honest things about yourself. And then, pass it on.”

I'm adding pics for some of the facts because Rebecca did, and I want to be like her when I grow up.

1. I HATE drawers. None of my clothes are in dresser drawers, and I don't even let Scott have them either. I prefer shelves...large open shelves where I can just throw, toss, stuff, and wad up my clothes as shown below. And this is the neatest of my shelves.


2. I am CHEAP. Frugal, Tightwad, Penny Pincher...ah, music to my ears. I can talk myself out of buying anything...at least for myself...I actually love giving money away. Anyway, I have had this curling iron for OVER 10 YEARS. On top of that, I didn't even buy it! I got it for free at my aunt's yard sale. It looks disgusting, but it rocks my curls.

3. I know nothing of organization. This is my drawer (which I HATE), and this is exactly why I HATE drawers. Yes, that is my calendar buried under the mess so now you can see why I miss everyone's birthdays and other important events. This honest fact is actually perplexing to me because I used to organize events for a living.

4. I pretty much forbid knick-knacks and collectibles in my house. In my opinion, they only have one purpose in their little knick-knacky lives...collecting dust! These shells are my only "collection," and they are from our various trips to the beach...but as I moved the jar from its spot in my bathroom to take this photo, I saw a huge circle mark on the shelf where I haven't dusted!!! ARGH, see what I mean?

5. I'm addicted to the baby monitor. It is a love-hate relationship. The end.

6. & 7. My toes are ALWAYS painted (my fingernails are NEVER painted). I have to keep them painted because, years ago, I attended a 70s Disco Party in some kickin' black boots and danced til...well, til the nail on my big toe was black & blue. Blaaaaaaack and bluuuuue. Now it just looks funky...way too funky to be all naked and exposed.
My tattoo is supposed to mean "loyal" or "faithful." For all I know it could mean "hippopotamus poop." I was inked while visiting Iowa for a conference when I worked in college admissions, and I really doubt that the dude had a clue about the Chinese writing system.

8. I overpronate like a mad woman. Because I walk on the inside of my feet, I tend to fall out of my shoes if my feet aren't laced up, buckled up, velcroed up (OK, not velcro!) like a straight jacket. This seriously limits my cute shoe possibilities as even Old Navy flip flops can be mighty dangerous for me! I often look like I am tripping over my own feet. High heels are pretty much out for me, but I can do a "wedge" heel like below. Wedge heel. That sounds so orthopaedically sexy, huh?.

9. Some of you may remember me mentioning what a difficult time I've been having shooting in manual because of the FOCUSING! I seriously could not focus to save my life. Well, I found out today from my teacher that I was switching the wrong button to manual! I was switching my lens button rather than my camera button!!!! WHEW! I might have known this sooner had I read my manual but, honestly, I can't even read and retain a STOP sign. I think I need some kind of herbal thingy that helps me improve my concentration. I would know just what that herbal thingy was if only I could get through an entire article about it.

10. I think my boy can read. We have a book called "Leon and Bob" that we read fairly frequently. Well, the other day I got out some Christmas books that had been packed away...one of which is "Bob the Reindeer." I said, "B...O...B...what does that spell?" And M replied, "Bob!"
Also, some of you have asked if M was glad to see me when I returned from IL. Well, I went in his room the morning after I arrived, he saw me...smiled...and then said, "Daddy." Pretty much he wouldn't let Scott get out of his sight that entire day. So...no, it wasn't the slo-mo running into each other's arms...smiling and laughing while we threw our heads back in glee. But he did smile at me.

Tag yourself if you want to. I'm late in posting mine so I am sure this is old news.


stefanie said...

all ten of those things are exactly the reasons why i love you & only go to prove how i have NO idea how we're related sometimes. but regardless, i'm glad we are. you're the best sister.

Stefanie said...

Okay, I freaked for a second when I saw your sis' name... and thought I had ALREADY been here! Hahahaha!
How I LOVE reading your blog... your transparency is incredibly refreshing and you never fail to make me laugh. I had to crack up at the 'manual' faux pas... I am falling all over myself with mistakes as I try to learn this camera thing myself... I can't imagine having to do that AND focus!
Glad you decided to play along :)

dan and rachel said...

this was fun to read! i just posted about how organization doesn't really come easily for me either, so i can TOTALLY relate to you there, sista. my closet looks like that as well! too funny!

Phatchik said...

Can I write-in number 11?
You're hysterical!

Hauswife said...

You are so cool Tish. On a side note, my toenails are always painted and my fingernail never are, too. We're practically twins! :)

Beverly said...

I am like you on your #1. I hate drawers prefering open baskets and shelves. Haven't a clue why other than if I can't see it I forget about it.

Lisa said...

Hello sister of the closet! LOL :)
My closet closely resembles that style of "organization" too! :)
Sadly though my toes are rarely polished and not nearly as pretty as yours'! They get a coat of polish from Lauren from time to time....yes, enough said! :)
Hugs and welcome back! You have been missed!
Lisa C.

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

So much to say...

~I just asked Rebecca if she could give me lessons on being her. Maybe she could coach both of us.

~Your shelves crack me up. I am kind of organized in my own weird way.

~I'm with you on the nails. Just can't do the polished finger nails, but always have shiny, colorful toenails.

~I do have knick knacks, and they are on my LAST nerve.

~Overpronate? I'm off to consult Webster...

Barbie said...

Wow Stefanie, I was shocked too! I was thinking that I had no idea that you and Tish were related!!

Love all of your quirks. lol!! I have many of the same. Disorganization and painted toenails are a couple of them. :-)

Stefanie nominated me too and I still haven't formally accepted it myself so you weren't last!!

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

WHAT FUN!! :) You're hilarious. I laughed out loud at the curling iron because mine looks just like that!!!!

My calendar is always buried, too... or I have this bad habit of ripping off the previous month about halfway through the current one. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a calendar, but I keep one anyway just to feel like an organized mom. Haha.

Thanks for the fun read (and great pics!) And glad you figured out the MANUAL thing!! Are the ones of M (above) in manual? If so, they are focused FABULOUS!